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We're back and this is what we found

The "Gone Til November Tour" is over and we are back for the Holidays.

We are happy to be back and we want to show you what we found. Our summer and early fall was

filled with artist collaborations and networking events. We took this energy and found beautiful fabrics.

Since then we have been photographing and sewing like a team of Santa's elves

Please visit the online boutique to see the full collection.

Collaboration with Tony Ward

Early in 2022 we were brought in by globally syndicated photographer Tony Ward for creative direction with wardrobe..Assisting with the creation of images for other artists is both flattering and fulfilling..

Fall/Winter 2021 "Talk to me Nicely"

Rittenhouse Square


On the runway In City Hall Philadelphia

K.Vaughn has stylish magnetism as a guest host/bartender/spokes model, for your private affair, event ,benefit..
go to "Contact" for availability request

K. Vaughn.....A man bringing beauty to the world one fabric at a time

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